Flair ai: The AI Design Tool That Can Replace Graphic Designers

Flair.ai prepares a prepared asset image or an image by yourself, further arranges small items such as flowers and fruits called Elements, and arranges black and white images of people from Humans, It is a service that automatically creates an image by selecting an image from the icon.

Flair ai

Flair ai – AI Product Photoshoots for your Business (Ai Tools)

Looking at the images prepared in advance, it seems that Flair ai service is suitable for creating AI Product Photoshoots for your Business and images of products such as :

  • cosmetics.
  • supplements.
  • shoes.

Flair ai trial version

The Flair ai trial version can be created 30 times, and the professional version for $10/month allows unlimited image creation.

Flairai Tools

I tried using it on a Flairai trial basis, but it is easy to operate and the image is completed just by waiting a few seconds, and you can see the difference in various variations just by clicking on the 10 icons that are prepared for the week to see what kind of atmosphere you want to create. An image has been created.

Place the image selected from the items on the left or the main product image.

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